Monday, July 25, 2016

Letting Go Of The Past

Holding on to the past is a future killer if you don't let go of the negative things that have happened in your past you may possibly never know what a greater future could look like because of your willingness to stay in bondage.

You hold the spark to the flame to set yourself free from all the pain, hurt, and misery. YES! YOU! No one can make you let it go but you. You have to make a conscience decision to untie yourself and walk free as the scales from the past fall off. >>>>What a freeing experience.

People ask me WHY should I let go of the past:

1. It's OVER
Holding on to what was isn't helping you heal. You have to accept that what was, is OVER! Even though it hurts like I don't know what you have to let it go. I'm telling you this because I've been there before and holding on didn't help it, it actually hurt more. Every time I thought of the events that occurred my heart would cave in, break again, and back into the down hill spiral I would go. Little did I know I was causing myself more pain than I was helping myself. That's when I decided it is time to let this  thing go.

2. It isn't helping you GROW
As children of God we should be constantly growing, moving, achieving great things but because we are holding on to the past we can't grow. We often remain in the same place month after months, because of bitterness, hatred, and resentment toward things of our past. We question God "Why can't I get ahead in this area?" not realizing that we are the exact reason why we can't get ahead.

We meet new people with the residue from old relationships, friendships, and partnerships. We begin treating them as though they have done us some kind of injustice, but in reality we are still holding on to the ways of old.

3. You're killing yourself
Holding on to your negative past is practically suicide! Thinking about these things over and over again can kill you! Don't kill yourself worrying about what has already past. If you need to seek counseling after experiencing a tragic event, DO SO!! Don't wait on any ones opinion or approval. This is about you! Your health, your future, you purpose, your destiny!

Just because you have experienced trauma and you want to get help doesn't mean that you are crazy. It doesn't mean that you deserve different treatment, it means that you love and care about yourself enough to focus on your healing.

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