Monday, August 14, 2017

And God Said

Last week, I started reading and thinking through Genesis 1. The words “And God Said” stuck out to me and have been ministering to my heart ever since.

The number one question often asked by believers is how do you discern the voice of God or does God still speak? This was a question that I asked and would buy books on the subject to gain insight.
Personally, I have never heard the audible voice of God. For me, I’m normally studying his word and
God gives revelation concerning my situation.

However, God still speaks. This truth is important to know because all creation is subject to the spoken word of God. Don’t believe me…

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Genesis 1:3

Man… let me tell you when I read this verse tears started flowing from my eyes. This is the God we
serve. He speaks, and things change. He speaks and breakthrough spring forth. He speaks and creation
obeys. Why? Because he is in control. Lately, I’ve been dealing with a little confusion. The confusion has led me to doubt my purpose and the call of God on my life. I would find myself doubting and speaking words that did not line up to what God has said. He said I’m joint heirs with Christ Jesus. He said that I have been made new. He said that I am forgiven. He said that I am his child and nothing can pluck me from his hand. He said that he’s with me. He said he would provide me. So when I started going through Genesis, God was literally spanking my tail with his word and showing me the power of holding onto and speaking what HE said.

What situation are you experiencing right now? What pit are you in that you can’t seem to get out of?
What lie has the enemy been taunting you with? You betta remember what GOD said and put some
word on that situation. Struggling with knowing the sovereignty of God? Check these passages out:

Genesis 18
Genesis 21:2
2 Kings 4
Matthew 19:26
Romans 8

There is no situation too hard for God. There is no mountain he can’t move, but we must trust his word.
The enemy always tries to pervert God’s truth with a lie, that’s why it’s important to know for yourself
what God said. I challenge you today to put some WORD on your situation and see how your
circumstances change.