Friday, December 30, 2016

Reevaluate your relationships - These people don't deserve a spot in 2017

With 2017 gaining on our heels we have some serious decisions to make! One of those decisions is who will be walking alongside us in 2017, this can be beneficial or detrimental to the success of your 2017. I've compiled a list of people that I will NOT be taking into 2017 and I thought it might be helpful to share it with you!!


The Doubter
  • These are basically the negative nancies! The one that always doubts every dream, vision, and goal and doesn't want you to believe what God has promised you. These people deposit things in your spirit that don't align with the word of God. These people are very persuasive in getting you to stop believing in yourself. 

The Phony
  • These are the people in your life that are made of plastic. These are the fake people in your life. These are the friends that play like they are your friends but really aren't. 

The Manipulative
  • These are the people that like to play mind games with you to get what they want from you. These people never back down, they swear that they are always right. They want you to see things their way. They like to blackmail you and con you into doing what they want you to do. They want to control your life and other relationships. 

The Magician
  • These are the people that are always doing a disappearing act in your life. They come in your life for 2 weeks, disappear for 3 months. They are constantly coming in and leaving out. They are actually playing on your emotions because they are stringing you along for the time being then they dip out without any signs of doing so. 

The Liar
  • These are the people that lie for absolutely no reason. They lie simply because they have a tongue, a mouth, a voice. This one is very simple...RUN!!

The Hater
  • These are the people that smile in your face all the while trying to take you place, back stabber, back stabber!! *my ojs voice* lol ok seriously, though, these are the people that you think are your friends, but in reality, they are envious of you. 

The Gossiper
  • These are the person that is always spreading someone's business around town, social media, on the job, and anywhere else they can. They are always talking down about others. These are usually the people that keep mess going, the messy people. And when you think about it if they are talking about other people to you they are probably talking about you to other people. Yes! And nobody has time for that foolery. 

The Bougie
  • These are usually the people walking around looking at people as if they stink because they think they are better than everyone. And I am totally on board for people being confident within themselves, but these people are stuck up, arrogant, and rude. They are always in competition with people that very well may be paying them no mind. 
Take this last day in 2016, to reevaluate your relationships so that you DON'T allow these people to walk into your 2017.

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