Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Something Is Different

It's so funny how season change and the whole world shifts. We are in the last quarter of a year that seems like it just started the other day. I can't say enough that this has been a very different year for me.

It's amazing what God can do with your life when you decide to really give it to Him and let Him have His way with you inside and out. Okay, let me get to this blog post before I start crying, shouting, and praising God lol.

One morning I woke up and EVERYTHING seemed so different. Everything had changed in my life, my relationships, my business, my heart, my everything! Yep! EVERYTHING! I was confused as to how I got here but after asking God He made it very clear as to how it happened.

He SHIFTED me! Shifted me into the place He had been preparing me for so long! A place that I had been praying for. A place of abundance, peace, and positivity. I had gone through such a toxic relationship that I had lost myself, inside and out. I had to re-learn who I was, what I was living for and who I was fighting for, I lost everything because of one decision I decided to make. A decision that was completely outside of Gods will for my life. I know you may be asking what was that decision, but we will get to that at a later date. Right now I need you to understand how important it is to allow God to restore and mend you from the inside out.


My heart is different, my heart was so broken in desperate need of mending but I was the one trying to do the mending. But I didn't have the resources to fix a heart that I didn't create. I had to literally hand God my heart because what I was doing wasn't working at all. This wasn't easy! It took more breaking before I finally decided I'd give my heart to God. I know you're thinking why did you have to give a heart to God that He created, but listen, God says for us to cast our cares on him (1 Peter 5:7) meaning He isn't going to come take what we aren't willing to give.

So once I got tired of trying to fix something that I didn't have the tools to do, He was able to actually work on my heart. My heart was bruised, broken, and crying for help because of toxic relationship after toxic relationship, issues with friends, business partners and so much more. I know that's a lot but that isn't even all lol I'm just being real.

Why I gave God my heart:

  1. I was tired of trying and failing- I promise you every time I decided to do something outside of Gods will for my life, it failed miserably. One move after another failed! It was a consistent cycle of failure and you may say you shouldn't say that, but listen I said I'm trying to be real here! All my plans failed because God was never head over my plans. I had become head of my life while still claiming I was living for Christ. How does that work? I'll tell you it doesn't, it doesn't work at all. 
  2. I was tired of feeling depressed - Depression is ultimately what sinks in when you try to do something that you thought would be your breakthrough moment and it fails. Well after multiple depressional states I began to understand what was driving me to become depressed in the first place and that was my own decision making.
  3. I was tired of my expectations never being met - I got tired of having high hopes for all of my relationships, friendships, and partnerships to only see them....well I think you know by now lol - FAIL! I had to lean on God to really understand why my romantic relationship was non-existent, my family relationships were running on low oxygen, why a lot of my once friends were just people I used to know, and none of my partnerships were lasting past a couple of weeks. This was all literally enough to drive a sane man crazy and begin to question what is wrong with themselves, but by giving my heart to God He was able to heal me internally which shined outwardly and brought several new connects into my life and restored others. He was able to show me that my expectations were unrealistic and that I needed to extend more grace upon my peers. He was able to remold my expectations and show me where I needed to heal in the area of relationships, friendships, and partnerships.
How to give your heart to God:
  1. You have to make the conscious decision to hand it over along with the baggage that occupies it. 
  2. Make it a part of your prayer every day! Ex: "Lord, I give my heart to you today!"
  3. Start a daily devotional - this will allow God to come into your heart one scripture at a time.
  4. Find a church home - It's extremely important that you fellowship with other like minded people

My business is different, I hadn't planned to birth some of the businesses I birth this year but that just leads me to believe that it was more God than me! Let me be real with you all. I think I have a problem I'm a serial entrepreneur and I see the potential in almost everything, which that being said I will try to do EVERYTHING! It is absolutely impossible for one person to do everything by themselves. This is where a level of frustration comes in like no other.  - I've been here before!

Why I gave God my business: 

  1. I was trying to do too much and wasn't getting anywhere fast. I had to allow God to make business decisions for me because I was not able to make them for myself. If I had the ability I'd run about 5 MLM's, 3 consulting businesses, 7 advertising businesses, and several ministries and much more but how the heck would I do that by myself. - that's why I had to go to God and allow Him to close some doors that I had beat down for myself. 
  2. I couldn't keep an assistant to save my life. I lost more than a couple assistants in a very short amount of time. And no they didn't quit, they had other things they had to tend to that were much more important than trying to help me with 100 businesses lol - I took this as a call to learn and manage my business for myself without any help so that meant that some things had to go for sure. 
  3. All of it wasn't God ordained - there were some things I was trying to do that God didn't put his stamp on. It wasn't that it was bad but it wasn't fulfilling the call God had placed on my life for that particular season. (There is a season for everything)
  4. Tired - literally exhausted from trying to do all things in a timely manner. One thing was being neglected while one thing was getting all of my attention. But once I realized I was neglecting the other thing I'd go overboard and try to make up for the time I neglected it which left me up all day and night trying to figure stuff out.
How to give your business to God:
  1. Accept the fact that you don't know it all. - I consider myself to be a very wise woman, but I don't know more than God that is for sure. Once I was able to come to this realization I was able to accept that God knows best and that if He said to let "xyz"go then He would multiply me in another area.
  2. Pray that God will reveal to you what you need to be working on in the current season you are in. 
  3. Go to God when your business is failing or not progressing.
  4. Don't ignore God's voice in your business - He is always giving you signs and hints, make sure your discernment is on fleek. 
There is so much going on in my life at the moment, but it's all good things!! After allowing God to work on my heart and my business this has made a drastic change. I had no clue how vital it was that I allow God to do what He needs to do before I can SHIFT into the place He wants me to be. So glad I decided to willing seek Him regarding the matter of my heart and business, without him having to do it involuntarily. I encourage you to do the same if you're experiencing any of the things I discussed today. 

Thank you for stopping by, I will be posting more frequently this month! Get excited! I hope & pray that this has blessed you! Until next time - I LOVE YOU!!

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