Monday, May 16, 2016

Why You Should Journal

As I approach the end of another lovely journal I began to think about why I use a journal and the benefits of using a journal. I love to write, I have literally been writing every since I could hold a pen in my hand (scribbling perfectly within paper lines). I enjoy writing for a number of reasons, and in this blog I will share with you some of those reasons in detail.

Let it out
You don't have to keep all the pain, hurt, frustration etc. all bottled up inside. In a journal you are able to let ALLLLL your troubles out and feel freeeee! Journaling has been a great stress reliever for me! Instead of taking to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms I can go to my journal and vent to it without regret of what people may think because no one will EVER see it. YAYY!!

Be You
Your journal is the space where you can be the authentic you, there is no pretending in journaling. You are safe to be 150% you, without judgment. Yep, even the side of you that is a cry baby and will release tears at the drop of a dime. Are you the one that greatly despises your job and your boss, un huh! I know all about that! (been there!) Are you the one that has been waiting so patiently for a significant other and is 2 second away from creating a Christian mingle? The silly you, the not so politically correct you, the outspoken you, the one that isn't always strong, yep! FREEDOM is what you get from journaling.

Discover yourself
Perhaps you aren't sure exactly who you are, so you are dealing with identity issues, well this is a great place to discover who you are! You can find your voice in journaling, find your moral, values, beliefs and more. Because journaling is ultimately you spending time with yourself and the spirit of God.

Space for creativity to flow
I love this place lol, this is where you can jot down all those golden creative thoughts that you have been having as it pertains to your book, business, ministry, or whatever it is that God is giving you. You can be as creatively awkward as you want to be here. This is where beauty is birth before your eyes. I believe this is very therapeutic, place to let your creativity flow as it wills.

Get Organized
This is the place where you get to go kindergarten for a hot minute, you get to scribble and scratch stuff out and once you have let your creative juices flow like a faucet you can come to a place of organization. You can finally figure out exactly how you are going to execute your dream, vision, and goals. You can plan your day, weeks, or months to come. You will find that life is sooooo much easier when you plan the things that you can. Obviously, there are things that we can't be totally organized and planned for, but we should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to plan where we can. Find a lovely journal and get organized!

Track your progress
Having trouble seeing results in your life? Well, journaling can help you track your progress. I know there have been many times that I've claimed that I'm not getting anywhere then I go back and look in my journal to find out that I've made a ton of progress that I had failed to give myself credit for. Don't mistake mental and spiritual progress as no progress. These are two of the best upgrades you can make in your life. A change of mentality can change your life, and spiritual growth can change your world!!! All progress isn't about physical movement.

I'll be 100% honest with you, when I first start journaling as a Chrisitan I had no clue what to write or where to start so I started to write as if I was having a conversation with God. I would write, cry, write, and cry some more but on the lines of that piece of paper in my journal were some deep heartfelt prayers that I didn't even realize were prayers. It was there that my prayer life began. What seemed like a great conversation with my Father in heaven turned into something so much greater, a healthy and consistent prayer life. One thing I love about journaling prayer is you can go back and cite what you asked for as you are looking at the manifestation of it. It's like tracking just how effective prayer is....

Of course, there are many other reasons you should go out and find a good journal and an amazing writing pen, but these are a few that I know to be fantastic for myself. Thank you so much for reading this blog post. I hope and pray that it has blessed you in one way or another. Until next time LOVE YOU!!!

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