Thursday, April 7, 2016

Are you worrying or warring?

This is very quick blog post, it stems from my text message ministry #todaysmessage was "Stop worrying! Worrying never changed a thing, but warring has, Go to war in prayer!!" (text @tptalks to 81010 to join FREE!)
As I was going about my day God continued to speak to me regarding this matter and 2 Kings 20 dropped in my spirit.
I pray that you all would read 2 Kings 20  in it's entirety

Read 2 Kings 20 NKJV
But I am going to summarize the story here:...

There is a man by the name of Hezekiah that was told by the prophet Isaiah that he was going to die and advised him to get his house in order, but Hezekiah being the man that he was he IMMEDIATELY turned his face to the wall (privacy) to pray to God! He cried out to God and asked that He would remember him and the lifestyle that he had lived, which was a life of truth, loyalty, and good for the Lord. Before Isaiah was able to get out of his presence good God gave him a message to go tell Hezekiah that he was going to EXTEND his life 15 years!!

*So my question to you is; are you worrying about it or are you warring about it?? Are you going to God in prayer about your problems or are you sitting there in despair trying to figure it out? The time that you use worrying could be time that you use to war in the spirit realm in regards to your problem! If you noticed, Hezekiah didn't sit there and have a conversation with the prophet Isaiah he went STRAIGHT to the throne of grace when he was given the word that his death was near!! Worrying does nothing while warring does something! STOP WORRYING AND START WARRING!! TURN YOUR FACE TO THE WALL AND PRAY!!

I hope and pray that this short blog post has encouraged you to stop worrying and start warring in prayer!! Until next time...I love you!

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