Friday, January 1, 2016

Prayer For 2016

Father God, we just thank you, we thank you so much for this day, we thank you so much for this year, thank you for letting us make it to this year, a lot of people didn't make it to this year but we did we give you all the glory we give you all the honor we give you all the praise because you alone are worthy we wouldn't be here had it not been for your protection. 

we thank you for the valleys and everything that we went through last year that strengthened our relationship with you that made us crawl into you that made us come to you that made us want to know you even more we thank you for the haters the naysayers because they didn't know how strong they were really making us. Thank you for the people that came and poured into us when we needed it the most! People that poured out wisdom, knowledge, and understanding! Thank you for giving them a heart to tell us that you had a plan and a purpose for us, told us that we were qualified, capable and able of doing that which you have called us to do. 

Thank you for the harvest that we are going to reap in this season, it is time to produce. It is time to walk in that confidence, wisdom, knowledge, freedom, and understanding. Thank you for the fruit that will come forth, from our time of being in the ground as a seed. They tried to bury us but it was a part of the process and they didn't know we were a seed that would grow into something far more than they could every imagine. Forgive us of our sinful nature. 

You said that you have a plan for us so we are walking in that plan in this season, we will not turn back to our old ways of doing things. We are ready to follow your lead. We will go where you tell us to go, we will do what you tell us to do, we dead to our self and our will, we lay it all down at your feet and we vow to never pick it up again, we are starting a new a fresh. Thank you for sending your Son that dead on the cross for the remission of our sins so that we would be reconciled back to you. We thank you for the friend that we have in Jesus, we thank you that he sits on your right side of you and makes intercessions for us. Thank you for the Holy Spirit that arrest us, give us comfort, guides, leads, and corrects us. 

We are excited about the things that you have for us in this year, we believe that you have great things for us in this year! We know that you have good things in store for us in this season! We will produce good fruit, sweet fruit, edible, ripened fruit. Everything that we produce will grow, every where our feet step will grow God. Every where we step we will occupy, thank you for enlarging our territory!! Thank you Lord for doing that, because you are the only one that can give promotion. Promotion does not come from the east or the west promotion comes from you the Lord above. Thank you for the promotion in this season. Thank you for the new things you are doing in this season. Thank you for enhancing gifts and giving gifts. 

Thank you for restoring everything the locus eat up! Thank you for givings us double for our trouble this year, We thank you for the crushing because had we not went through it we wouldn't know what it was like to produce oil. We would never know that we were anointed had we not been crushed, so we thank you! We are shifting into a season of consistent wins, and we are truly taking hold of that, walking in that, moving in that! It is time to produce!! We can't hold on to the gifting anymore. We are supposed to be using it for the building up of the body of Christ. So we lay our lives at your feet so that you can use us as you will Father. Thank you for calling us for such a time as this! Thank you for choosing us!

 We thank you that this year is ordained and that before the foundations of the earth you had a plan established for us. In the womb you sanctified us, and ordained us a prophet to the nations!! And we bless your name for that! We aren't worthy of the title, we aren't worthy of the office, we aren't worthy of the gifting, but you gave it to us without repentance. We praise your name GOD! 

There will never be another like you!! I rebuke everything that desires to exalt itself above you in the name of Jesus. I come against every distraction of the enemy, I speak against it right now in the name of Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus over us now, no hurt, harm, or danger will come upon us. We declare our FREEDOM, the yokes, strongholds, word curses, chains, generational curses are broken, destroyed in the name of Jesus. We love you Father, Son, And Holy Spirit!! in Jesus Christ almighty name we pray, AMEN!!

***The Lord is going to do some great things for you this year!! Claim it! Put it in the atmosphere!! until next time! I love you all!! 

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