Monday, December 28, 2015

Overcoming Toxic Emotions

What are toxic emotions? Does it sound complex and detailed? Well to answer that question I must say yes and no; no in the sense that toxic emotions are simply emotions that are not from GOD….emotions that don’t line up with the Word of God. I say yes because it can be extremely hard to overcome toxic emotions but by the power of Jesus Christ anything...I mean anything is possible.

Toxic emotions stem from the things we invite into our lives and the practices we take up so willingly. We must be very conscious of the things we allow into our ear gates/inner thoughts by the things we watch and listen too. Now you may say that the things you watch/listen to have absolutely no affect on your life but the enemy is a deceiver and he specializes in deception. I’ll explain this in further detail in just a moment but FIRST! Please take this time to think of some of the toxic emotions you may have/be dealing with.

I had you do that because, we must acknowledge it to be able to overcome it so these emotions have been planted from something: TV shows, friends, family, music, etc.
Ex: Have you ever noticed that when watching a love story, listening to a seductive song, reading a horror story, talking to someone about depression, you literally take on those emotions? Well I have!!!! Those are examples of toxic emotions taking root in your heart. (& you ain’t even know it) Let me be very clear about the love story, I’m not saying that a love story is toxic but in a sense it can be especially if you are in a ordained season of singleness. It can prompt you to contact that ex random….which God has released you from. Talk about toxic!!!

When such toxic emotions try to creep their ugly little self in we must be like 2 Corinthians 10:5, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.

Some of our greatest defenses against those toxic emotions are prayer and the Word of GOD. Remember all seeds grow into something! We must turn off EVERYTHING that plants a seed that is not conducive to the WORD of God in our life – This is the start to a great win!

Moving toward being an over comer:
·We must have an intentional/intimate relationship with Jesus Christ our LORD and savior. Well how do I obtain a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, Tia? I’m so glad you asked!!!

Starting a relationship with Jesus Christ:

o Dive face first into the Word of GOD!
· Get a BIBLE, there are a number of translations available. KJV is the original and most accurate translation, but some people find it very complex and hard to read; which is why I advise you to check out NKJV, NLT, AMP. These are the closest to KJV and are very easy to understand!
o Start praying
· Praying is simply communicating/conversation with GOD. People ask me all the time how do I pray effectively? I tell them there is no wrong or right way to do it. Begin talking to the Lord straight from your heart. (just as you would a family member or friend)
o Get a journal
· Write about your dreams, goals, have conversation to God, pray, etc.

Over come toxicity:

o Capture the toxic emotion IMMEDIATELY 
· Acknowledge, recognize, and call it out by name!
o Exam the thought
· Is this from GOD? Is this from the enemy?
o Ask GOD to search your heart and purge you of all toxic emotions.
o Begin replanting in your life:
* Seek scripture by the power of the Holy Spirit that combats the emotion ex:
· Speak those scriptures over your life daily, memorize them! Meditate on them daily!
· Seek sermons regarding overcoming the specific toxic emotion that you are dealing with by the way of the Holy Spirit
o Listen to praise and worship music
o Pray that God will connect you with more believers that have dealt with similar toxic emotions so they can help sharpen you!
By this point you have started to plant good seeds and as you continue doing the things I’ve mentioned you will begin watering those seeds and then you will experience the fruit of your labors.

Let us pray:

Father God, we thank you for this Word, we thank you that by your stripes we are healed, I cast down every spirit of low self esteem, lack, anxiety, worthlessness, identity crisis, depression, procrastination, doubt, fear, loneliness, anger, and pride in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. I decree and declare that we are healed from all things that are toxic to our destiny.  Help us to apply this Word to our lives like never before. Help us to live a life in your fullness of joy and free of toxic emotions. I decree and declare that there will be a turnaround in our minds; how we see, think, and regarding the things we allow to pollute out inner most thoughts. We submit our minds and emotions to you O God. Thank you Lord for your Holy Spirit that guides, leads, and directs. We vow to walk under total submission of the Holy Spirit, it is in Jesus Christ almighty name we have pray, AMEN!

****I hope & pray that this Word has helped you in some way, shape, or form!! Please comment, share, and subscribe to my blog. I love you all so much...until next time STAY BLESSED!

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