Wednesday, December 30, 2015


We MUST #KNOWTHYSELF (know yourself), if we don't know who we are, what we stand for, what we believe a world full of distractions, people constantly wavering in their decision making, people living how ever they want and tagging Gods name to it; we are practically destined to fail. 

I want you all to go into 2016, knowing yourself or at least striving to know yourself. 

When people ask you what you believe, what you stand for, why you do what you do, why you are so passionate about the things that you are; you ought to have a solid answer. Even if you don't answer them you ought to know for yourself (#knowthyself). Because if you don't know then there is a great possibility of having people pull you in 404083803854 different directions and your head will be spinning around like crazy!!

Social media is powerful (I say this often)!!! And there are a lot of dominate personalities on social media and if you have no awareness of who you are they will have you buying into who they are, what they believe, what they stand for,  and ultimately have you following them 105% but lost when it comes to thyself! 

Some people know more about celebrities than they do themselves, they know their favorite color, hometown, life story, relationship business, etc. That can be extremely toxic in the the long run, because what if they change their beliefs, business, direction, or brand....what do you do? do you continue to support them if their beliefs don't compliment yours? do you change your beliefs as well? do you #knowthyself enough to make this decision on your own? There is a lot that goes with it. It makes me think about a post that I did earlier in the year entitled We Need A Security Guard, PLEASE! (click title to read post) and I talked about guarding your heart, especially with there being so many Internet preachers now.

Some people believe in some of the strangest things and have some of the most obscure and irrational ways of thinking then some people go with the flow so much that they don't know when to make a solid decision for themselves. So it's time to do some work.......

Questions to ask THYSELF:
What do I believe in?
What am I passionate about?
What are some things that I vow to never participate in?
What do I want people to think of when they think of me?

These are very serious questions you should make time to answer and answer them honestly. You don't have to fake with yourself. You are free to keep it 1500!! And you may have struggled with those questions and that's okay because I did another blog entitled 11 Scriptures To Help Remind You Who You Are In Christ (click the title to read post) I hope & pray that post helps you answer some of those questions. 

Let us Pray:
Father God, I am lifting your sons and daughter up to you now I ask that you would help them know thyself more than they know of someone else. Give them a desire to know exactly what it is they believe in, will support, are passion about, and will not allow into their lives. Help them walk through some of the painful questions that they need to ask their self to find out exact who they are. Show them in your Word who you have called them to be and the purpose that you have for them. God, I ask that you would give them courage and confidence in their decision making so that when people come to speak ill of their decisions they can stand firm on their decision based off your Word and not fill overwhelmed and like they want to change their decision because people don't agree with them. Guide them in their every thought about their self, give them the wisdom and knowledge to be who you have called them to be and to be that person wholeheartedly. Shower them with your love Lord, your true agape. It is in the name  of Jesus Christ we pray, AMEN!

****I hope & pray that this has helped you in some shape way or form. PLEASE comment, share, and subscribe to my blog. until next time, I love you all!!! #KNOWTHYSELF

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