Thursday, October 1, 2015


{WORDS have POWER!!!}

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" this is one of the many lies we told ourselves as children when things bothers us, but we refuse to accept the fact that we were hurting from the words that had been spoken over our life, but I'll tell you right now that words have power!! Let me tell you how I know....When I was in GRADE SCHOOL (on through my late HS years) I was a MEAN, MEAN, MEAN girl!!!! (no one can seem to believe that) I would say anything that came to my head with no regret!! I knew exactly how to make you feel like the worse person in the world. I would mistreat, tease, and fight people just because I liked the way it made me feel; big, bad, and in control!! But in reality hurt people hurt people and I was truly a lost and hurting child, but that story is for another day!

I received a message about a month ago that had me in TEARS!!! It was from a childhood classmate asking for my forgiveness (in attempt to not reveal the sex of the person I will refer to the person as they and them) because they had held a grudge towards me since GRADE SCHOOL!!! Yess!! grade school!! for something that I had done/said to them. I was blown away by the fact that something I had done stuck with this person for 10+ years!!! It made me really think, "I wonder how many other people are still suffering from the things I did or said to them in grade school!" I immediately sent this person my deepest apology and thanked them for being so bold to message me, which gave me the opportunity to explain that I am no longer that person I used to be and most importantly apologize; which led me to write this post.

As I sat with my jaw dropped to the floor after reading the lengthy message I received, my mind ran 126994223 miles an hour. Still in shock and utter disbelief I knew I had to do more than apologize to one person, because I have TRULY done my dirt in my day. So I want to take this moment to PUBLICLY apologize to ANYONE that I hurt in anyway in the past, rather it was from something I said or did to you. I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my hurt!! I pray that you are able to forgive me!!! I am NOT the person I used to be in grade school, middle school, high school, nor am I that girl from my early 2008-2010 years of college. Please join in with me as I, Thank God he stalked me down and changing my life, language, and heart completely!!!

Also, I wanted to take this moment to pray for anyone that has been bullied, teased, or mistreated by any one!!

Father God, we thank you for another opportunity to approach your throne of grace. I come to you on behalf of those that have been bullied, teased, or mistreated in any way what so ever. I ask that you would restore, heal, and mend those broken places. Please fill every void that they have tried to avoid. I speak against any witchcraft and word curses spoken over their lives. I decree and declare that they are free!! Free in their minds and free in their hearts! I break the curse of rejection over their lives in the name of Jesus! I ask that your Holy Spirit would continue to build them up in the areas that they need help in. I plead the precious blood of Jesus Christ over them now! & decree and declare that no hurt, harm, or danger will come upon them. Reveal to them their purpose in the earth realm. I cast out the spirit of fear that may be present in their life, I ask that you would give them a spirit of boldness. God you are love so please, make your love known to them. Reassure them that they are not what people try to label them as. I declare victory in their life! It is in Jesus almighty name we have prayed. AMEN!

Be careful how you treat people and how you talk to people, because even if they don't say it they could very well be feeling the effect of it.

I pray that this has sparked a healing in your life if you have been bullied, teased, or mistreated! If you have been bullied, teased, or mistreated please share in the comments how you dealt with it, how did you heal from that? have you healed? are you in the process of healing? etc. Also, I challenge other parties to reevaluate their life story and see if there is any where that they can offer someone a apology/prayer for something they may have said or done.

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