Monday, August 31, 2015

A Positive Word: Forward

Today's word is; Forward

for·ward [fawr-werd]


toward or at a place, point, or time in advance; onward; ahead


Last week, I did I live broadcast on Periscope (find me, follow me @HolyGirlSwag21) entitled "You can't give up!" and this here is a spin off of that broadcast!

#KEEPMOVINGFORWARD there is absolutely nothing behind you that is greater than that which is in front of you. Don't let anything or anyone stop or stunt your growth!! You've come to far to become stagnant toward your degree, the publication of your book, your healing, the process of purchasing that new house, the launch of your own business, and  your breakthrough!!!! If you were to take a moment to think about all the hills, valleys, and mountains that you have climbed to reach the point that you are today, you would undeniably come to the conclusion that YOU CAN'T GIVE UP!!! If you have survived this far then it is not by mere chance!!!!

Although, the past may look attractive and feel familiar; you can't afford to look back frankly, because there could be something back there that very well may catch your eye (distraction) and stop you from moving forward. So my brother, my sister!!! You have to keep moving forward without a glance of the past!!
I hope & pray that this challenged you, blessed you, and motivated you!!! Share & Comment!! Love you all, Stay blessed!!

Move onward to see what it is that God has in store for you!!!

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