Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Queen, she is!

I so happened to run across this keen piece of art on Instagram and thought it was absolutely beautiful, I have no idea who the artist is but I appreciate them for it, because it inspired me to write a short piece.

She is exactly what it looks like.

 she is a queen.

 Her crown never disturbed.

Not borrowed but truly hers.

Her crown is only readjusted by her hands.

Nobody gave her, her crown she earned it.

She speaks with integrity and walks with confidence.

Intelligent is definitely a understatement she is something similar to a genius.

She sees beyond the natural she has more than sight she has vision.

And she pursues it with a vengeance.

No demon in hell can stop her because she has been long unleashed.

Never to return back to that place where she could barely stand on her feet.

She stands wise beyond her years because of the many years of tears she shed

With each tear a lesson learned.

Wounds leaving scars that tag her imperfect.

But little did the enemy know that all it does is bring more validity to her purpose.

She chases destiny like some chase money.

Its a 24/7 365 day chase she never gets tired and she never takes a break.

Everything she's been through has done nothing but made her great.

She realizes that her life is not her own and she's just living on Grace!!!

Queen, she is!

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