Friday, July 17, 2015

Five Minute Friday: FREE

It's safe to say I am FREE now there aren't any chains binding me!! I have been set FREE!! Thank you Lord for saving me!! I thought I'd be there for longer than that, but I'm overjoyed and I'm not looking back. I've lusted for this feeling, this feeling of FREEdom!!!
As I sat under a tree one evening I envied the birds that danced on clouds because I wanted to experience the feeling of being free. The feeling of flying with my wings wide open and soaring the sky. But I was scared to move because of fear. I wasn't ready. I wasn't strong enough. I wanted to paint the sky with my joy inside but I wasn't joyful. I was hurting inside and near death if you ask me. BUT whatever none of that matters anymore because I found happiness in me and now I'm FREE!!!

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