Monday, June 1, 2015

Are Your Shoes Tied?

Are your shoes tied? It was just the other day I was walking throughout one of the most popular supermarkets of the United States of America; Wal-Mart mostly known as Wally World!! While shuffling through the aisles there had to be about 4949749473 different things going through my mind, looking at things on the shelves but not really recognizing them because of the race that was taking place in my mind. Then my mom said "Tia, your shoes!!" I looked down with much concern they were untied, completely untied. I had walked about that much traveled floor of Wal-Mart with my shoes untied!! I had no idea how long I had been traveling around the store naïve to the fact that my shoes were untied!! I mean my shoe didn't feel ANY different than they normally felt. I was truly outdone by this untied shoes experience.

I know, I know!!!! You think I'm OCD or something by now and you've said this doesn't seem like a big deal, but what God revealed to me when I kneed down to tie my shoes was soooo profound I almost fell out in that there Wal-Mart!!!

He said "this is exactly how my people walk among the earth. With their shoes untied, laces dragging the ground picking up any and every germ that lays on the surfaces they walk". I was like ooooook, I need you to make it plain!!!!! he continued by saying "they walk around the earth incomplete (untied), searching for answers, love, purpose, and validation from everyone and everything outside of my Word, so with that every demon (germ) that wants to attach itself to them does just that! Especially because they don't notice a difference, and they keep moving while more and more demons continue to attach to them!" I was blown backkkkk!!! These demons that attach themselves to you can cause confusion, worry, stress, and steal things from us such as joy and peace. As I stood there in that Wally World I listened to his every Word,  He went on to say my people need to stay "tied up in me! Because I am the love they need, I have the answer they are looking for, I'll reveal their purpose, I've already validated them!!!"

Therefore, I encourage you all to make sure your shoes are tied, tied up with our Father!! I encourage you to focus on the Lord, he has everything that you are seeking and stand in need of!! He can complete and satisfy your every desire!!! BUT PLEEEEEASE pay attention, when you feel the Holy Spirit tugging on your heart advising you to let the Lord fill, change, and redirection you!!! Allow him to do his perfect work, go to him so that he can clean you up!! So that you will not be walking around germeeeee!!!

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