Sunday, May 10, 2015

Prayer for Single Mother's

Below is a prayer I posted on Facebook weeks ago after watching a movie centered around Single Mothers, by no means am I trying to discredit any Mother who has a husband to assist with caring for their child/children. But by me being from a Single Mother home the movie touched my heart tremendously and placed a undeniable burden on my heart to pray for Single Mothers around the world. I was obedient in doing so, I ask that before you read this prayer you come into TOTAL agreement with me!!

Father God, I pray that you will provide for every Single Mother in a supernatural way that ONLY a God as great as you can. Please provide them with comfort and rest when they feel weary. I pray that you will connect them with Godly counsel so that when they need somebody to talk to they'll be able to talk to someone that knows you and can pour LIFE into them and not trash! I pray that you cover the Mothers heart so that she will not allow anyone into her life or her child/children's life without consulting you O God! I pray that your Holy Spirit will heal, rejuvenate, and mend the broken pieces of her heart. Help her to understand her worth and that just because it didn't workout with her child/children's Father doesn't mean she is not good enough for love. Teach her the true meaning of love. Fix her mind/heart concerning the definition of love. Speak to her every void, fill all voids that she has tried to avoid! Help her understand that you STILL have a love story awaiting for her! Teach her to be patient and wait on you and not settle for anyone or anything! O God I pray that you will spark a fire in her for you that is contagious! I pray that she learns the power of prayer, because it will get her through ANYTHING! I pray that you will teach her how to speak with love even when she is frustrated with her child/children or life. I plead the precious blood of Jesus over her house right now O God!!! I pray that you will saturate her lips with wisdom and that every word spoken to her Prince/Princess will be for building up!! I pray that she begins to pray over her child/children everyday if she hasn't been. I pray that your Glory manifest in her finances, business, career, & education!!! O God I thank you!!! I thank you! Because every word I've spoken I decree and declare it to be done in Jesus almighty name we pray, Amen!