Monday, May 11, 2015

Let's talk LOVE

Love is as light as a feather but as dense as a piano as solid as a rock, with streams of flowing water rushing from its side. The water never runs out and it never gets muggy, it's always fresh and crisp. Love is like sun rays coming through a window on a hot day, it's like sun bathing in life it self. It's something so incredible, it fills every vein and will unclog every artery. When I think love I think of the color purple because love is a royalty like no other. I've heard love is red, a deep vibrant passionate red but I beg the differ. It is MORE than red it is blue like the deepest ocean and green like the most catered to pasture. It is orange like a sun kissed sky approaching sunset. It is yellow; soft and gentle like feathers on a newborn baby chick. Love roams the earth seeking who it may engulf. It carries a message, unspoken. A treat to be tasted and savored. Love speaks all languages and covers every corner of the earth and beyond. It is Native, Western, Northern, Eastern, Mediterranean, & Southern. It is a continent, has a hemisphere, state, and axle. Love has a longitude and latitude. It collects information like a satellite because it desires to know your every being. It orbits around you, sneaking information so it can treat you better. Love evolves over time, it doesn't stay the same. It grows like a garden that is nurtured, watered, and talked to daily. It's growth is contingent upon the diligence of the farmer. Love is not to be bagged and smothers but to be loose and as free as a morning breeze that rushes through tree leaves. Love is unfailing and unforgettable. It is persistent and without void. It has no imperfections. It stands taller than the highest arch, skyscraper, bridge, wall, and monument. Reaches to the lowest valley without running out. Love is a burst of energy. That never gives up in the middle of a workout. It sweats it out and even sheds blood attempting to work it out. Love puts on gloves and gets in the ring to fight for the championship despite the weight of its opponent. It has no fear. Love carries the burdens of trillions with ease. It causes a natural human being to fall to their knees with many petitions. Love is not cowardly. Love doesn't give up. It knows that it has purpose and that every pain is worth it. It denies itself for everyone else. The reward is greater than the suffering. Love, love, love.....
Sigh....I wish I knew love.

***I hope and pray this has been a blessing to your life!! I had no intentions on publishing anything tonight but obedience is EVERYTHING.
Even after all these analogies given this person still doesn't know love. Wow! This is deep! (I don't always write with me in mind) I am burdened to ask you, what is love to you? Do you know love? Have you experienced this type of love thoroughly explained above? If not why not? What is stopping you from experiencing this perplexed mystery called love? I encourage you to think about it. Comment, share, and subscribe. I love you guys!!

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