Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Random Season: When your random takes NO for YES

It seems as though it is POP-UP season, you may ask what do I mean by pop-up season, but you know I will explain. I have talked to several sistas of mine over the past weeks and it looks as though their random (ex or friend with benefits) has been popping up left and right; rather it be in their mind, inbox, call log, or in person. They have been on the scene!!!! I said to one of them “It is official random pop-up season”. I don’t know if it is because it is about to get warm and they want to be out and about with a cutie that has sun kissed skin or what, but I REBUKE every last random that has been popping up on you right now in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!!

Lately, the enemy has been trying to creep in by the way of randoms. There are some that proclaimed upon me cutting them off that they would never leave me alone and I can really see that. I’ve had to change my number, get new emails, and block them from several social media sites because they literally will NOT LEAVE ME ALONE after I have told them “I am in a relationship”.  But I’ve learned some very helpful tips when it comes to dealing with randoms that might just help you out as well.

1. Ignore them by all means

I understand that you want to be a nice person and you just want to see how they are doing because I mean why would God place them on your mind if he didn’t want you to talk to him? RIIIIGHT! Well I have news for you, the devil is pretty slick at creeping in where he can fit in. Yes, not responding to someone’s text message can be considered rude but, this RIGHT HERE!! This RIGHT HERE!!! Can be detrimental to your health sis, let me tell you if you show him ANY form of attention he will run with it and before you know it you’ll be right back where you were before; in a toxic relationship that God is NOT pleased with.

2. BLOCK EM!!!

You might call this extreme but if you want your relationship to work, rather you are single and are fully committed to Jesus or you have a courtship that you working on; SIS!!!! Without hesitation sis you have to block em I’ve tried to be friends with randoms on social media thinking that it will not hurt one bit, but that was pure deception! You will see their subtweets about you and they will comment and like things just to be messy.  You may find yourself checking their page wayyyy more than you should.  So do yourself a favor so that you don’t ”cheat” on Jesus which is BAE if you are single or so you don’t cheat on the person you are in a relationship with by keeping those feeling stirring.

3. CUT all ties with family members

This can be one of the hardest things to do when ending relations with a random, because if you all have been dealing with each other for some time you probably have gained a relationship with their family as well. A lot of people will say “his family isn’t the one that hurt me, why do I need to cut them off.” The reason is this, when you stay in contact with them they plant seeds in your heart. They keep you updated on all your randoms activity! You will know who he is or isn’t dating, where he is located, where he works, and there will be plenty of suggestions of you two getting “back together”’; which is NOT what you need!!! So it’s no hard feelings towards his family it just isn’t what is best for you as you are attempting to move on.

4. Keep your friends and family in the know

The fact that your random will not leave you alone can be very serious in this day and age. Make sure you tell your friends and family that you are having problems with your random constantly contacting you, despite the many times you have told him to stop.

5. Call the Police

I sure hope it doesn’t come to this, but you can never be over protected when it comes to YOUR life.  You never know what a person will do. If you have to get a restraining order placed on your random that is perfectly fine. It will provide you with that extra level of comfort that you are protected.

6. PRAY!!!

People scream “prayer works” but fail to use it during times such as these. This has actually been a very effective method when it comes to my randoms. I’ve successfully prayed them away at times, but there are times when I’ve stopped praying about it and they have come right back!!! PRAY WITHOUT CEASING! 

I hope & pray that this has been a blessing to your life!


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