Sunday, April 5, 2015


HALLELUJAH!!! He has risen!!
He has risen!
But as for me I’ll fall again
But for some reason he was willing to die for my sin
He knew my every fault
But without a thought he gave for me
He gave graciously his life
And I’ll never have enough anything to repay him
But gladly he did it with out a contract of repayment
I don’t know why he would do this I swear I am the lamest
But he decided I still needed to be saved from my own anguish
I was the care taker of my soul but not caring at all
But thank God! Hallelujah! He was willing to die to brace my fall
He knew I thought I had it all and my pride was on fleek
So he had to send a Savior that could change my heart and supply my every need
I’ve never been perfect and I’ve never strive to be
I can’t be anything more or less of me
But when he died on that cross he gave me my identity
And I realized that I don’t have to please people so they will love me
Because I am already loved, unconditionally
There is nothing I can do or say that will make him stop loving me this way
I’m not bound by my transgressions or iniquities because he has long came, served, died, rose, and
set me free
So there is not one thing someone can say to condemn me
Because the Holy Spirit resides in me and is quick to convict me
Therefore another person’s opinion is irrelevant to me
He hung on the cross for my sins, harboring the pain for me vicariously
He broke every chain that wanted to keep me attached to the things that were internally driving me insane.
So I’ll scream from the mountain tops HE HAS RISEN
And the reason that I know it is because NOTHING else could have saved me from the sin I was willingly sinking in!
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