Monday, April 13, 2015

"Dear Little Girl" Campaign

Dear Little Girl,
Hey there! You are beautiful, you are the product of a King!! 
You were NOT created to be a trap Queen!
You don't need to sell/do drugs, steal clothes, get drunk, or chase men to fit in. You are a little Princess but soon to be a Queen!
You are fearfully and wonderfully made you aren't fat you're fluffy!! Forget what they say about you they are just jealous of you because when you walk in the room you have the ability to change the atmosphere you are hilarious, wise, phenomenal, encouraging, creative, different and FULL OF LIFE you have the personality that a lot of girls wish they could have so don't be afraid to be YOU, BE happy in your skin, love yourself from within, aspire to inspire, don't conform to someone you're not just to fit in, you were born to stand out, you are loud and you are proud!!
Don't let people steal your fire, misinterpret your sass, and talk about your spunk! You have a wit about yourself that no one can compare! Don't cry when they hug you and turn around and trash you!
You'll be forever growing, don't reject the process! Learn what you like, dislike, need, and want! If you don't remember ANYTHING I've told you above all things remember to consult God about EVERYTHING & if he can't go neither should you! Hey little girl!!! Hey! Guess what? I love you!
***The letter you read is a letter to my younger self!! My sister in Christ, Chanecia Williams started a campaign entitled "Dear Little Girl" cuing women around the globe to write a letter to their younger self, a letter of encouragement, inspiration, or to spark a healing in some areas that have been avoided for many years. NOW, I propose the challenge to you!!! If you would like to share your letter, simply email your letter to Chanecia with pictures of you as a little girl and pictures of you now.

Thank you!!! STAY BLESSED! 

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