Monday, January 12, 2015

"She is MORE Precious Than..."

She is more precious than rubies, And all the things you may desire cannot compare with her. - Proverbs 3:15 NKJV

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard this scripture before but haven’t really grasped the FULL meaning of it. Wellll let’s go there….
A ruby is fiery red in color; due to an element called chromium. A ruby is known to be the queen of stones, the most royal of all gemstones. While doing much research on rubies I discovered that a real ruby can generally cost anywhere from the hundreds to millions of dollars. Rubies are imperfect, but in their imperfection is where they are valued the most. There are treatments that can change their clarity and make them more beautiful to the eye, but ultimately it diminishes their value. There is so much more to know and understand about rubies, but I just wanted to give you a taste of it. That was pertinent information that we needed to know regarding rubies. This background story helps us understand our worth a lot better.

Soooo , because God is omniscient (all knowing) he knows the value of a ruby, but yet he has declared that we are worth MORE than rubies. WOOOOOW!! Does that not blow your mind or what. I am in awe and so should you! My sista!!! We are worth FAR MORE than rubies!! We are worth more than something that is potentially worth millions of dollars. My goodness!!! So therefore, if it has the potential to be worth millions of dollars; what could your worth possibly be?? How about PRICELESS!!! With all the numbers in the world collectively put together, there isn’t a number that would amount to your worth. You are priceless my sista you are beautiful, intelligent, amazing, anointed, equipped, called, and ordained.

Even in your imperfection you are ALL of these and much more. If you tried to polish or hide your imperfections you would be diminishing your value. Just like the rubies and the treatments that the jeweler would take them through to make them “look better”. No! God says that you are beautiful and priceless in your current stage. It doesn’t matter, what you look like or feel like for that matter. God said what he said and he isn’t a man that has to lie.

He also said that nothing can compare to us, we are not to be compared with anything because we are more precious than anything. Sista, never let someone make you feel like you are worth nothing when God has made it clear that you are worth much more than anything on this earth. No matter your background, neighborhood, color, hair, or any imperfection that you may have. Please understand that this isn’t a pass for you to walk around cocky and looking down on others, but to walk around with confidence that your value is incomparable.  MY SISTA!!! YOU ARE MORE PRECIOUS THAN RUBIES, AND ALL THE THINGS YOU MAY DESIRE CANNOT COMPARE TO YOU! So walk with confidence, and carry yourself as such! I love you sista! Continually be blessed!!!

**TEASER** Once you know that you are priceless and not to be purchased or put up for sale on sale comes the realizations that you deserve the best. If God would send his ONLY son for someone like us (john 3:16); what does that say? No worries, I have the answer!!! It says that we are WORTH it!!! Because God was willing to FREELY GIVE his BEST, which says a lot about his love and thoughts toward us. Please stay tuned for a post later this week regarding his love for us.

I hope and pray that “She is more precious than..." was a blessing to your life. Please share & subscribe!!!!

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