Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hello World & Happy New Year!!!!
I am exxxxxcited!!! This here blog is lonnnnng over due. I’ve needed to do this for years, but there is no better time than now. This blog doesn’t have one certain topic; it will cover an array of things life as a young adult Christian, fashion, dyi, & more, but first let me give you a little back ground on me.  My name is Tia Pugh, I am 25 years old (BD: January 29th, TURNUP 4 JesusChrist!!) I truly met Jesus in the early year of 2010. I say met him then, because for so many years I was in and out of church and never really knew what it was like to personally KNOW Jesus. I had heard about him and thought wow this guy sounds loyal, loving, and real. I wish I were worthy enough to know him. (little did I know I WAS!!)

There came a time when I was fed up with my lifestyle and how I was living; stealing, selling drugs, smoking, drinking, and partying just to name a few. I decided with a much needed nudge that it was time to FULLY give my life to Christ. It was time to take up my cross and start going down the path less travelled for the GLORY of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I started praying to the Lord to deliver me from the things that I had been entangled in for so many years. I promise you this wasn’t an easy transition but it was a lot smoother than what I would have ever imagined. One of the first things I had to change was my language; I was one of those every other word was a curse word type of females (totally unattractive, I know!). I had a lot of ratchet (ghetto) friends; a lot of them were frequently addressed as female dogs. But I’ll never forget I had this one friend that was saved and I knew to never address her as a female dog, but one day I got out my body and called her one and she hit me with scripture “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.” – Ephesians 4:29 NKJV. I was out done, I was so salty, like my face was stiff I didn’t know how to respond but nevertheless I apologized and realized “Tia you’ve got to get yourself together!” I never imagined that I’d be able to communicate without using profanity, but please believe me: For with God nothing will be impossible. – Luke 1:37 NKJV

 Once I started praying and reading more of God’s word not only did my language change my mind set changed. I began to see all the things that I truly needed to change about me, the areas that I needed to allow God to work and move the way he wanted to in my life. I surrendered TOTALLY; I walked away from friends with lifestyles that weren’t conducive to where I was trying to go, I stopped going to the club, I put down all alcoholic beverages and stopped smoking, no more stealing from every store I went too, I gave back the pills I had to sell, and I cut off the random guys I had been having relations with. I just layed it ALL down to pick up my cross and start following Jesus daily.  
On Friday nights while everybody was turning up in the club I was at home turning the pages of my bible and listening to praise and worship music. It was a total transformation, a lot of people that had known me started asking a lot of questions they couldn’t understand but they had to know it was VERY serious for me to be able to change.
I NEVER thought I could transform in such a way. Don't me wrong just because I totally gave my life to the LORD doesn't mean I lost my personality, I'm still outspoken, bubbly, and very outgoing (never met a stranger), I’m not perfect nor will I ever be perfect, I'm not a bible scholar, I wasn't in church every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening growing up, I haven't completely arrived at my destiny, but I can say I am serious about my walk and I am serious about my Fathers business.

 I hope and pray that you all join in on this ride that I am about to partake in from serious topics concerning life as a young adult Christian, dyi projects, hair tips, plus size fashion tips and more.
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